Friday, 22 March 2013

How Time Flies

Despite all my good intentions to blog on a regular basis at the start of the year, circumstances have conspired to prevent me from posting until now.

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of March.  The weather outside is cold and we already have a good few inches of snow with yet more falling.  As this has changed my plans I have time to do this update.

My health continues to place more and more barriers between me and life. So my creativity has become more important as a way to relax and channel ideas.

This shawlette was a really easy knit and is in the softest of yarn and has been in constant use since I finished it. Working on smaller projects seems to be the way ahead for me.

Last week our dear cat Moppett died. She was 20 years old and had been Alexs' companion since he was 1.  We have a cat sized hole in our family as she was very much a part of our lives.  It's amazing how her became part of our everyday routine.  Everytime I parked the car in our drive she was looking out the window, meowing her hellos.  The window looks empty now without her being there welcoming us home.
I continue to push the boundaries to learn more techniques in knitting and was so pleased to complete this Sheep Carousel tea cosy, designed by Kate Davies (  This had me learning; provisonal cast on, vikkel braids, steeking and colour work.  It is great to learn so many new techniques to me in a small project. 

Each month I am trying to find positive things to do from going out for hot chocolate with my other half, listening to an audio book or sorting out the contents of a drawer.  The simple pleasures in life are often overlooked but their impact can really make a difference.  So I am looking forward to baking bread, working on a lovely shawl and (hopefuly) being able to get out into the Spring sunshine.